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Goldendoodle Names 170+ Cute Unique Funny And Cool Names

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Choosing the perfect Goldendoodle Names can be as enjoyable as it is challenging. With their charming demeanor, unique personalities, and adorable looks, Goldendoodles deserve names that are just as special as they are. 

Whether you prefer a cute, unique, funny, or cool name, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to help you find the perfect match for your new furry friend. 

From names inspired by their color to quirky picks that’ll make you smile, discover over 170 Goldendoodle names that are as distinctive and lovable as your pup.


Unique Goldendoodle Names

Searching for a name that stands out from the pack? These unique Goldendoodle names are as one-of-a-kind as your pup.

  • Zephyr – Like a gentle breeze, perfect for a dog with a mild and kind personality.
  • Quincy – A sophisticated name for a distinguished dog.
  • Nebula – For the pup with a personality as mesmerizing as the cosmos.
  • Juno – Named after the Roman goddess, ideal for a protective and loyal pet.
  • Huxley – For a dog with a pioneering spirit.
  • Elara – A celestial choice for a dog who is your world.
  • Bodhi – Symbolizes enlightenment; perfect for the wise and calm canine.
  • Astra – Means “star,” for the dog who lights up your life.
  • Orion – A strong and mighty presence, like the constellation.
  • Tansy – Unique and vibrant, for the dog with a sunny personality.

Female Goldendoodle Names

Selecting a name for your female Goldendoodle? Consider these lovely names that range from classic to modern.

  • Amber – Warm and bright, like her personality.
  • Belle – French for beautiful, perfect for your gorgeous girl.
  • Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, for a dog with a regal demeanor.
  • Daisy – Sweet and simple, great for a cheerful dog.
  • Ella – Elegant and timeless.
  • Fiona – For a pup with a strong spirit.
  • Grace – A dog who moves with elegance and poise.
  • Hazel – A nod to beautiful hazel eyes or a sweet disposition.
  • Ivy – Perfect for a pup that’s as enduring and lively as the plant.
  • Jade – Precious and strong, just like your furry friend.

Male Goldendoodle Names

Looking for a name that’s the perfect fit for your boy Goldendoodle? Explore these top picks.

  • Arlo – Strong and masculine, yet charming.
  • Bruno – For a dog with a bold and brave heart.
  • Chase – Perfect for the pup who loves to run and play.
  • Dexter – For a clever dog with a playful side.
  • Eli – A simple, yet powerful name.
  • Felix – Happy and fortunate, for your lucky charm.
  • Gunner – Strong and warrior-like, for a protective dog.
  • Hugo – Intellectual and spirited.
  • Ike – Short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Jasper – For the treasure in your life, full of energy and spirit.

Cute Names

Embrace the adorable with these utterly cute names that are as endearing as your Goldendoodle’s fluffy face.

  • Button – As cute as a button, for the small and adorable pup.
  • Cupcake – Sweet and delightful, perfect for a lovable dog.
  • Doodlebug – A playful take on the Goldendoodle’s name.
  • Honey – Sweet, natural, and friendly.
  • Jellybean – For a dog that’s colorful and full of surprises.
  • Muffin – Sweet and comforting, just like your cuddly companion.
  • Noodle – A fun name for your playful, wiggly dog.
  • Pebbles – Small but mighty, with a spunky personality.
  • Sugar – Because your dog is the sweetest!
  • Wiggles – For the pup that never stops moving. 

Mini Goldendoodle Names

Have a Mini Goldendoodle? These charming names pay homage to their smaller size but still pack plenty of personality.

  • Biscuit – Small, warm, and comforting, for your pint-sized pal.
  • Gizmo – A cute name for a compact canine companion.
  • Half-Pint – For the little dog with a lot of heart.
  • Nugget – A sweet term of endearment for your small, yet valuable friend.
  • Pippin – A cute, whimsical name for a small dog.
  • Rolo – Just as irresistible as the chocolate treat.
  • Squirt – For a little dog with a big personality.
  • Teeny – Acknowledges their small stature, but hints at their enormous character.
  • Thumbelina – For a tiny pup with a fairy tale personality.
  • Wee-bit – A playful acknowledgement of their petite size.

Golden doodle Puppy Names

In search of a name that reflects the goodness and purity of your Goldendoodle’s heart? Explore this collection of wholesome and uplifting names that capture the essence of your beloved companion.

  • Bingo – Full of fun, reminiscent of the children’s song.
  • Frisbee – A lively choice for a pup who loves to play fetch.
  • Giggles – Perfect for the pup that never fails to amuse you.
  • Hopscotch – Capturing the playful, carefree spirit of a puppy.
  • Jitterbug – For the puppy who loves to jump and jive.
  • Nibbles – Adorable for a puppy who’s still teething.
  • Puddles – For the puppy that loves to splash and play.
  • Rascal – Ideal for the mischievous pup full of energy.
  • Skipper – Suits a pup that loves to hop and run.
  • Tug – Great for an active pup who loves playing tug-of-war.

Good Goldendoodle Names

If you’re looking for a solid and time-honored name, check out these good Goldendoodle names that never go out of style.

  • Buddy – A classic dog name, perfect for your lifelong pal.
  • Champ – For the Goldendoodle who’s a champion in your eyes.
  • Duke – A name with a regal touch for your noble friend.
  • Lucky – For the dog who’s brought nothing but good luck into your life.
  • Max – A simple, strong name that works well for a dog of any size.
  • Molly – Classic and sweet, for your lovable female Goldendoodle.
  • Oscar – Charming and joyful, just like your doodle.
  • Rex – Latin for ‘king,’ for your royal canine companion.
  • Sophie – A lovely and elegant choice for your female Goldendoodle.
  • Toby – A cozy name for your cuddly companion.

Funny Names

Inject some humor and laughter into your Goldendoodle’s name with these playful and witty monikers guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

  • Bark Twain – For a clever dog with an adventurous spirit, named after the famed American author, Mark Twain.
  • Chewbacca – Especially suitable for a Goldendoodle with a shaggy coat, similar to the Star Wars character.
  • Droolius Caesar – A hilarious choice for the Goldendoodle with a royal demeanor (and perhaps a bit of a drooling problem).
  • MacFluff – A delightful moniker for a Goldendoodle with a fluffy, golden coat.
  • Noodle – A playful twist on ‘doodle,’ perfect for a fun-loving, relaxed pup.
  • Scooby-Doo – For the dog that loves to solve mysteries and eat snacks.
  • Sir Wag-a-lot – A regal way to describe your dog’s friendly tail wagging.
  • Woofer – A humorous choice that speaks to their potential vocal habits.
  • Yoda – For a dog that’s wise beyond their years with a Star Wars twist.
  • Ziggy Stardust – An iconic choice for the dog that loves to stand out.

Names For Goldendoodles

Discover the perfect name for your Golden Doodle with this collection of timeless and endearing monikers that celebrate the unique qualities of this beloved breed.

  • Bailey – A friendly, approachable name that’s great for any Goldendoodle.
  • Cody – Simple and classic.
  • Flo – Short for “Fluffy,” acknowledging a Goldendoodle’s iconic soft coat.
  • Indy – For the independent and adventurous pup.
  • Leo – Named after the lion, great for a brave and courageous Goldendoodle.
  • Maverick – For the dog who won’t be tied down.
  • Presley – A standout choice for the dog with rock ‘n’ roll flair.
  • Quinn – Simple, elegant, and excellent for a curious canine.
  • Riley – A unisex option that’s playful and fun-loving.
  • Scout – Excellent for an adventurous, curious Goldendoodle.

Cool Names

Looking for a name that exudes style and sophistication for your Goldendoodle? Explore this collection of cool and trendy monikers that are sure to make your furry friend stand out from the crowd.

  • Blaze – For a Goldendoodle with a fiery spirit and a shiny reddish coat.
  • Drifter – A unique choice for a dog that loves to roam.
  • Flint – A sharp and edgy name, perfect for a dog with a shiny, grey coat.
  • Jet – Cool and sleek, like your sophisticated pup.
  • Kai – Meaning ‘ocean’ in Hawaiian, great for a water-loving Goldendoodle.
  • Nitro – For the Goldendoodle that’s full of speed and energy.
  • Quicksilver – Stylish and fast, like your quick-witted pup.
  • Ranger – For the outdoor-loving Goldendoodle.
  • Viper – A sharp and cool name for a speedy, keen dog.
  • Zeppelin – A nod to the epic rock band, ideal for the music-loving dog owner.

Goldendoodle Names By Color

The shade of your Goldendoodle’s fur can offer a wealth of inspiration when it comes to picking the perfect name. Here’s our list for all the colors out there.

Red Goldendoodle Names

  • Crimson – A classy name that reflects your pup’s rich red coat.
  • Ginger – A cute and spicy option for a red-haired canine.
  • Mahogany – For a Goldendoodle with a deep reddish-brown coat.
  • Poppy – As vibrant and bright as a field of poppies.
  • Rose – Romantic and alluring, great for a reddish-colored female Goldendoodle.
  • Ruby – A dazzling gem, perfect for a precious, red-haired pup.
  • Salsa – Spicy and fun, great for a lively, red-coated Goldendoodle.
  • Sienna – A warm, earthy name that resembles your pup’s fur color.
  • Sunset – For a Goldendoodle as breathtaking as a red-hued sundown.
  • Tiger – A great match for a Goldendoodle with bold, reddish stripes.

Chocolate Goldendoodle Names

  • Brownie – A sweet treat that matches your pup’s deliciously chocolate fur.
  • Cappuccino – For a chocolate Goldendoodle with a swirl of cream.
  • Chestnut – A solid, earthy name that’s well-suited to a brown Goldendoodle.
  • Espresso – Rich and strong, like a shot of coffee.
  • Fudge – Because their adorable face reminds you of a gooey piece of fudge dessert.
  • Godiva – Just as luxurious and indulgent as the chocolate brand.
  • Hazel – Modest and sweet for a Goldendoodle with soft, chocolate brown coloring.
  • Mocha – For a Goldendoodle with a deep, rich, chocolatey color.
  • Oreo – A perfect name for a black and white two-toned Goldendoodle.
  • Truffles – A high-class name for a high-class pooch with luxurious fur.

Apricot Goldendoodle Names

  • Amber – Reflects the golden, yellow tone in their fur.
  • Apricot – Named after the fruit, a sweet choice for a sweet dog.
  • Butterscotch – The fur of some Goldendoodles can look like delicious, creamy butterscotch.
  • Cheddar – A playful name for a Goldendoodle with a yellow-orange coat.
  • Honey – Ideal for a puppy with a creamy yellow coat.
  • Peach – A sweet and soft name, excellent for a Goldendoodle with a warm, peachy coat.
  • Pumpkin – A cute and festive name that matches their fur and bright personality.
  • Sunshine – Perfect for a Goldendoodle that brightens your day.
  • Taffy – Cute, chewy, and sweet, great for a female Goldendoodle.
  • Tangerine – A fresh and colorful name for a perky, orange-toned pup.

Black Goldendoodle Names

  • Ebony – A mystical and unique name for a sleek, black Goldendoodle.
  • Inky – A cute and playful name for a dark, black-coated Goldendoodle.
  • Midnight – An elegant name that’s perfect for a dog with a dark, shiny coat.
  • Olive – Uniquely charming for a Goldendoodle with a dark coat.
  • Onyx – A gem name for a pet as precious as a gemstone.
  • Panther – A powerful name for a sleek, black pooch.
  • Poe – After Edgar Allan Poe, the perfect name for a mysterious, black-haired dog.
  • Raven – A lovely choice for a dog with glossy, black fur.
  • Shadow – A beautiful and enigmatic name for a Goldendoodle with a dark silhouette.
  • Silver – If your black Goldendoodle has a touch of grey, this name would suit them well.


The ideal name encompasses your Goldendoodle’s unique personality, appearance, and your personal tastes. Whether they’re more of a traditional Toby or an adventurous Ranger, remember that a name is a powerful form of identity, and it should be something both of you love. Enjoy the process, and soon enough, you’ll find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Happy naming!

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