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Top Adorable Unique Names for Male and Female Dwarfs

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Dwarf names evoke a rich tapestry of myth and fantasy, symbolizing resilience, craftsmanship, and loyalty. From playful whimsy to noble heroism, these names reflect diverse personalities and traits, making them a captivating subject in literature and gaming.

In fantasy realms, dwarf names carry ancient traditions and legendary deeds, embodying strength, ingenuity, and unwavering resolve. Beyond fiction, they hold cultural significance, connecting to ancestral roots and values across mythologies worldwide.


Whether in novels, games, or ancient tales, dwarf names continue to fascinate, weaving a timeless narrative of legend and legacy that spans generations.

Funny Dwarf Names


  • Grumpy – A humorous name inspired by the grumpy personality often associated with dwarves.

  • Snickerdoodle – A playful and whimsical name that brings a smile.

  • Chuckles – Perfect for a dwarf with a great sense of humor.

  • Giggles – Reflects a cheerful and laughter-filled nature.

  • Whiskers – A quirky name for a dwarf with a mischievous side.

  • Boomerang – Represents a dwarf who always bounces back from challenges.

  • Jolly – Captures the joyful and merry spirit of a dwarf.

  • Pipsqueak – A cute and endearing name for a small but mighty dwarf.

  • Rascal – Ideal for a dwarf known for their playful antics.

  • Snickers – Reminiscent of the popular chocolate bar and suggests a fun-loving nature.

dwarf names

Famous Dwarf Names


  • Gimli – Inspired by the renowned dwarf character from “The Lord of the Rings.”

  • Thorin – Named after the valiant leader of the dwarves in “The Hobbit.”

  • Dopey – A beloved dwarf from the classic fairy tale “Snow White.”

  • Doc – Another iconic dwarf character from “Snow White.”

  • Tyrion – A famous dwarf character from the popular TV series “Game of Thrones.”

  • Puck – A mischievous dwarf from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

  • Alaric – A strong and memorable name with historical significance.

  • Mulch – A quirky and memorable name from the “Artemis Fowl” series.

  • Willow – A charming name inspired by the dwarf character in “Willow.”

  • Fili – A heroic dwarf from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth tales.

7 Dwarf Names


  • Sleepy – Reflects a calm and relaxed demeanor.

  • Bashful – Perfect for a shy and reserved dwarf.

  • Happy – Represents a cheerful and optimistic personality.

  • Grumpy – Ideal for a dwarf with a gruff exterior but a heart of gold.

  • Dopey – Captures a playful and innocent nature.

  • Sneezy – A whimsical name for a dwarf prone to sneezing.

  • Doc – Symbolizes wisdom and leadership among the seven dwarfs.

Names For Dwarves


  • Thorin – Strong and heroic, suitable for a leader.

  • Alaric – A powerful and historic name for a dwarf.

  • Grimbli – Combines strength and resilience.

  • Baelin – Evokes bravery and determination.

  • Dain – Represents courage and honor.

  • Durin – A classic name symbolizing wisdom.

  • Brondar – Conveys strength and steadfastness.

  • Thordar – Reflects thunderous might and leadership.

  • Orik – A name full of resilience and loyalty.

  • Gloin – Brings to mind resilience and resourcefulness.

  • Thrain – Signifies strength and endurance.

  • Bofur – A name with a touch of mischief and charm.

  • Thoradin – Combines power and wisdom.

  • Balin – Symbolizes courage and determination.

  • Dwalin – Represents strength and steadfastness.

female dwarf names

Female Dwarf Names


  • Freya – A strong and independent name for a female dwarf.

  • Brynn – Evokes resilience and determination.

  • Astrid – Represents courage and adventure.

  • Eowyn – Inspired by the brave character from “The Lord of the Rings.”

  • Hilda – A classic and timeless name for a female dwarf.

  • Gunnhild – Signifies strength and valor.

  • Ingrid – Conveys intelligence and wisdom.

  • Sif – A name associated with strength and fertility.

  • Thora – Represents courage and leadership.

  • Gerda – Evokes perseverance and resilience.

  • Helga – A powerful and commanding name for a female dwarf.

  • Sigrid – Symbolizes victory and triumph.

  • Hulda – Represents resilience and inner strength.

  • Ragnhild – Conveys bravery and honor.

  • Brunhilda – A name full of strength and determination.

Male Dwarf Names


  • Thorin – A strong and noble name for a male dwarf.

  • Grimbeard – Reflects resilience and determination.

  • Dain – Symbolizes courage and leadership.

  • Durin – A classic name associated with wisdom and strength.

  • Thrain – Evokes power and endurance.

  • Balin – Represents bravery and honor.

  • Dwalin – Signifies strength and steadfastness.

  • Fili – A heroic name for a courageous male dwarf.

  • Bofur – Conveys mischief and charm.

  • Gloin – Symbolizes resilience and resourcefulness.

  • Thror – A name full of authority and wisdom.

  • Brokk – Represents craftsmanship and skill.

  • Orin – Conveys determination and perseverance.

  • Borin – Reflects courage and fortitude.

  • Gorm – Evokes strength and valor.

Cool Dwarf Names


  • Kragg – A rugged and cool name for a dwarf.

  • Azog – Symbolizes strength and power.

  • Draven – A dark and mysterious name for a cool dwarf.

  • Varric – Conveys charm and wit.

  • Thorne – Represents resilience and determination.

  • Ragnar – Evokes power and leadership.

  • Brynjar – A cool name with a touch of Scandinavian flair.

  • Morgrim – Conveys strength and cunning.

  • Vorn – Symbolizes bravery and adventure.

  • Thranduil – A majestic and cool name for a dwarf.

Warhammer dwarf names

Warhammer Dwarf Names


  • Gotrek – A legendary and heroic name for a Warhammer dwarf.

  • Thorgrim – Signifies leadership and strength.

  • Grombrindal – A powerful and iconic name for a Warhammer dwarf.

  • Grimnir – Evokes courage and battle prowess.

  • Thorek – Represents wisdom and craftsmanship.

  • Baragor – Conveys resilience and fortitude.

  • Kazador – Symbolizes honor and loyalty.

  • Malakai – A unique and memorable name for a Warhammer dwarf.

  • Skalf – Reflects toughness and determination.

  • Durgan – Signifies strength and endurance.

Dnd Dwarf Names


  • Bruenor – A classic D&D name for a dwarf, symbolizing courage and leadership.

  • Drizzt – A unique and iconic name with a touch of mystery and adventure.

  • Thibbledorf – Conveys a sense of whimsy and humor in D&D lore.

  • Thrain – A name full of strength and resilience, perfect for a D&D dwarf.

  • Vondal – Represents wisdom and cunning in D&D adventures.

  • Gundren – A name associated with exploration and adventure in D&D campaigns.

  • Harsk – Conveys toughness and determination in D&D games.

  • Kharas – A name with a strong dwarven heritage in D&D mythology.

  • Tordek – Symbolizes bravery and loyalty in D&D quests.

  • Flint – A classic D&D dwarf name, evoking ruggedness and resilience.

Good Dwarf Names


  • Gorm – A strong and timeless name for a dwarf.

  • Eitri – Symbolizes craftsmanship and skill.

  • Dvalin – Represents resilience and determination.

  • Bardin – Conveys strength and leadership.

  • Torin – A classic and noble name for a dwarf.

  • Nori – Signifies wisdom and resourcefulness.

  • Kili – Evokes courage and bravery.

  • Thoradin – A name associated with strength and valor.

  • Oin – Represents knowledge and intelligence.

  • Falin – Conveys honor and integrity.

Fantasy Dwarf Names


  • Kragg Ironfist – A powerful and imposing name for a fantasy dwarf.

  • Thordar Stoneheart – Symbolizes resilience and determination.

  • Grimbeard Thunderaxe – Conveys strength and battle prowess.

  • Dain Ironhammer – Represents leadership and courage.

  • Durin Steelbeard – A classic fantasy dwarf name full of wisdom.

  • Thoradin Frostbeard – Evokes strength and endurance in fantasy realms.

  • Baelin Ironforge – Signifies craftsmanship and skill.

  • Gloin Goldhammer – A name associated with wealth and prosperity.

  • Fili Fireforge – Represents passion and determination in fantasy stories.

  • Dwalin Stonehelm – Conveys resilience and steadfastness.

Cute Dwarf Names


  • Snugglebug – A cute and endearing name for a dwarf.

  • Pippin – Evokes a playful and mischievous nature.

  • Twinkletoes – Perfect for a dwarf known for their agility.

  • Bubbles – Represents a cheerful and bubbly personality.

  • Sprinkles – A whimsical name full of joy and sweetness.

  • Cuddlebug – Conveys warmth and affection.

  • Chipper – Symbolizes a cheerful and optimistic outlook.

  • Snickerdoodle – A cute and playful name for a dwarf.

  • Dimple – Represents a charming and delightful dwarf.

  • Fuzzy – Perfect for a dwarf with a soft and fuzzy demeanor.

mythical dwarf names

Mythical Dwarf Names


  • Gandalf – A mythical and legendary name for a dwarf.

  • Merlin – Conveys wisdom and magical prowess.

  • Oberon – Represents power and enchantment.

  • Titania – A mythical name full of grace and beauty.

  • Puck – Evokes mischief and magic in mythical tales.

  • Aladdin – A name associated with adventure and magic.

  • Morgana – Symbolizes mystery and enchantment.

  • Apollo – Represents strength and divine power.

  • Artemis – Conveys grace and prowess in mythical stories.

  • Athena – A name full of wisdom and strategic thinking.

Amazing Dwarvish Names


  • Thrain Thunderbeard – A powerful and imposing name for a dwarvish character.

  • Hrothgar Stonefist – Signifies strength and resilience in dwarvish lore.

  • Borin Ironhelm – Represents leadership and courage among dwarves.

  • Thora Silveraxe – Evokes craftsmanship and skill in dwarvish culture.

  • Gloin Goldbeard – A name associated with wealth and prosperity among dwarves.

  • Dvalin Ironbeard – Conveys resilience and steadfastness in dwarvish tales.

  • Freya Ironheart – Symbolizes strength and determination in dwarvish mythology.

  • Kragg Battlehammer – Represents prowess and battle skills among dwarves.

  • Grimbeard Fireforge – A name full of passion and determination in dwarvish legends.

  • Thorin Oakenshield – An iconic name symbolizing leadership and bravery among dwarves.

Mountain Dwarf Names


  • Granite – A strong and enduring name for a mountain dwarf.

  • Flintstone – Conveys toughness and resilience.

  • Boulder – Represents strength and stability.

  • Avalanche – Evokes power and forcefulness.

  • Peak – Symbolizes height and accomplishment.

  • Summit – A name associated with success and achievement.

  • Rockslide – Conveys strength and determination.

  • Cliff – Represents a rugged and adventurous nature.

  • Altitude – A name full of aspiration and ambition.

  • Highlands – Evokes the majestic beauty of mountainous regions.

Wow Dwarf Names


  • Magni Bronzebeard – A legendary and iconic name in the world of Warcraft.

  • Muradin Bronzebeard – Represents leadership and valor in Warcraft lore.

  • Brann Bronzebeard – Conveys intelligence and exploration in Warcraft stories.

  • Falstad Wildhammer – Symbolizes bravery and adventure among WoW dwarves.

  • Moira Thaurissan – A powerful and commanding name among WoW dwarves.

  • Thargas Anvilmar – Evokes craftsmanship and tradition in WoW tales.

  • Kurdran Wildhammer – Represents resilience and determination in Warcraft adventures.

  • Thaurissan – A name full of history and legacy among WoW dwarves.

  • Drek’Thar – Signifies strength and wisdom in Warcraft lore.

  • Varian Wrynn – An iconic and heroic name in the world of Warcraft.

Dragon Age Dwarf Names


  • Varric Tethras – A charismatic and memorable name in Dragon Age lore.

  • Oghren – Conveys ruggedness and bravado in Dragon Age stories.

  • Branka – Represents determination and ambition among Dragon Age dwarves.

  • Gorim Saelac – Signifies loyalty and honor in Dragon Age tales.

  • Ruck – A name associated with strength and resilience in Dragon Age lore.

  • Dworkin Glavonak – Evokes craftsmanship and skill in Dragon Age stories.

  • Orzammar – A name full of tradition and heritage in Dragon Age culture.

  • Endrin Stonehammer – Symbolizes leadership and strength among Dragon Age dwarves.

  • Fairel – Represents wisdom and foresight in Dragon Age tales.

  • Leske – Conveys cunning and resourcefulness in Dragon Age lore.


In the realm of fantasy and adventure, dwarf names play a crucial role in shaping characters and narratives. From the whimsical and playful to the heroic and legendary, dwarf names come in a diverse range that reflects the rich imagination of storytellers and creators. Whether you’re exploring ancient mountains, embarking on epic quests, or delving into magical realms, the right dwarf name adds depth and authenticity to your journey. Choose wisely, for a dwarf’s name is more than just a label—it’s a reflection of their essence and legacy in the vast tapestry of fantasy worlds.

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