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Best Unique Cute and Mythical Hyena Names

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Best Unique Cute and Mythical Hyena Names

Hyenas, with their distinctive laughs and fascinating behavior, are some of the coolest African animals. These carnivores, part of the cat family, have a dog-like appearance and prefer to hunt and operate in groups. Whether you’ve adopted a plush hyena toy or are on safari in Africa, naming these quirky creatures is a delightful task.


In African folklore and modern culture, hyenas play significant roles. From Disney’s iconic “The Lion King” to their unique vocalizations, hyenas have captured our imaginations. Let’s explore a variety of super cool hyena names that suit their playful and mysterious nature:

Names For Hyenas

Mutt Pup: These felines resemble puppies when newborn.

Fox Dingo: Similar to hyenas in pack mentality and hunting styles.

Lobo Pooch: A nod to their dog-like appearance.

Spot: Inspired by the spotted hyena, the most common type.

Brownie: For the brown hyena found in Central Africa.

Crocuta: The quintessential laughing hyena, known for its distinctive cackling sound.

Bongo: A playful name with a touch of African flair.

Banjo: Despite its Cuban origin, it’s a fun choice for your hyena.

Muttsy: The female version of a mutt.

Cackle: Reflecting their infectious laughter.

Hyena Names

Female Hyena Names

Zara: Meaning “princess” in Swahili.

Nala: A nod to “The Lion King.”

Savannah: Evoking the African plains.

Luna: Symbolizing the moon.

Kaya: Swahili for “restful place.”

Zuri: Translates to “beautiful.”

Simba: Yes, Simba can be a female name too!

Amara: Meaning “grace” in Igbo.

Shani: Swahili for “marvelous.”

Jasiri: Swahili for “brave.”

Male Hyena Names

Kovu: Another “Lion King” reference.

Jengo: Swahili for “builder.”

Rafiki: Meaning “friend.”

Azibo: Translates to “earth.”

Kito: Swahili for “precious.”

Zazu: Inspired by the talkative hornbill in “The Lion King.”

Kwame: A strong African name.

Jabari: Swahili for “fearless.”

Tano: Meaning “five” in Swahili.

Bakari: Signifying “noble promise.”

Baby Hyena Names

Cub: A classic choice.

Peanut: Adorable and fitting.

Tiny: Reflecting their small size at birth.

Chirp: Like their high-pitched calls.

Sprout: Symbolizing growth.

Nugget: Cute and quirky.

Pipsqueak: Playful and endearing.

Whisker: Highlighting their facial features.

Giggles: Because hyenas love to laugh.

Mini: Perfect for a little one.

Famous Hyena Names

Ed: From “The Lion King.”

Shenzi: Another iconic character from the same film.

Banzai: Completing the trio of hyenas.

Harley: Inspired by Harley Quinn’s pet hyenas.

Scar: The cunning villain in “The Lion King.”

Hyena Names

Unique Hyena Names

Zigzag: Reflecting their zig-zagging hunting patterns.

Nyx: Greek goddess of the night.

Kipenzi: Swahili for “darling.”

Jinx: A playful choice.

Nashwa: Arabic for “ecstasy.”

Lion King Hyena Names

Shenzi: The leader of Scar’s hyena pack.

Banzai: The cheeky hyena.

Ed: Known for his goofy behavior.

Funny Hyena Names

Gigglepaws: Because laughter is their trademark.

Snickerdoodle: A whimsical option.

Chuckles: Embracing their joyful spirit.

cute Hyena Names

Cute Hyena Names

Honey: Sweet and endearing.

Pebbles: Like little stones.

Cocoa: Warm and comforting.

Mythical Hyena Names

Anansi: Named after the West African spider trickster god.

Chimera: A mythical hybrid creature, just like hyenas blend features from different animals.

Fenrir: Inspired by the monstrous wolf from Norse mythology.

Sphinx: A nod to the enigmatic Egyptian creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human.

Cerberus: The three-headed dog guarding the gates of the Underworld in Greek mythology.

Other Names for Hyena

Grin: A playful reference to their characteristic smiles.

Howler: Because hyenas are known for their vocalizations.

Stripes: Inspired by their unique coat patterns.

Guffaw: Another term for a hearty laugh.

Prowler: Reflecting their stealthy hunting behavior.

lion guard Hyena Names

Lion Guard Hyenas Names

Janja: The cunning leader of the hyena clan in “The Lion Guard.”

Cheezi: A loyal follower of Janja.

Chungu: Another member of the hyena pack.


Hyena Nicknames

Hy: A simple and affectionate nickname.

Hya: A shortened version of “hyena.”


Nene: A cute alternative.

Scar’s Hyenas Names

Shenzi: The iconic female hyena who serves Scar.

Banzai: The cheeky male hyena.

Ed: Known for his goofy behavior and lack of speech.

Harley Quinn Hyena Names

Bud and Lou: Inspired by Harley Quinn’s pet hyenas in the DC universe.

Leo Hyena Names

Leona: A feminine twist on the name Leo.

Leonidas: A strong and regal choice.

Hyena Name Ideas

Safari: Evoking the African wilderness.

Sirocco: A hot desert wind, fitting for these animals.

Taz: Short for “Tasmanian devil,” another feisty creature.

Are Hanging Hyena Genuine Hyenas?

Yes, indeed! The hanging hyena is a true member of the hyena family. Unlike their ground-dwelling counterparts, these acrobats have adapted to life in the trees. Here’s what makes them fascinating:

  1. Tree Dwellers: Hanging hyena spend a significant portion of their time perched on tree branches. Their strong limbs and sharp claws allow them to navigate the treetops effortlessly.

  2. Nighttime Performers: These nocturnal creatures come alive after sunset. Under the moon’s glow, they swing from branch to branch, displaying agility and balance.

  3. Dietary Adaptations: While ground hyenas primarily scavenge, hanging hyena is skilled hunter. They prey on birds, small mammals, and even insects, leaping down from their lofty perches to surprise their quarry.

  4. Social Behavior: Hanging hyena maintain social bonds within their tree-dwelling communities. They communicate through a combination of vocalizations and body language.

  5. Nature’s Tightrope Walkers: Imagine a tightrope artist gracefully traversing a high wire. Hanging hyena exhibit similar finesse as they move through the canopy, defying gravity.


Choosing a name for your hyena can be both fun and meaningful. Whether you prefer something cute, mythical, or downright hilarious, there’s a perfect name out there for your unique hyena companion. Happy naming!


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